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Tibet is often referred to in popular Western literature as "The Roof of the World." Traditional Asian songs refer to Tibet as the "Land of Snow Mountains."

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Explore Tibet  Tibet Weather chart

Tibet Weather :
Here's the average Temperatures, rainfall and sunshine hour ...
Month Temperature (C)

Rainfall (mm)

Sunshine hrs
January +9 to -13 0.2 251
February +10 to -12 0.5 226
March +13 to -5 2.0 241
April +16to +1 5.0 244
May +20 to +5 25.0 284
June +25 to +9 77.0 227
July +26 to+10 129.0 224
August +27 to +9 138.0 221
September +21 to +9 56.0 238
October +17 to +1 8.0 285
November +12 to +-7 2.0 271
December +8 to -13 0.5 261
Tibet Altitude :

Since Tibet has high altitude in average of above 13000 feet above the sea level winter becomes cold with little snow except in few few areas. The sun shines brightly and cold air blows. The temperature comes up (25 to 30 C.) and gets warm but not hot in the summer still the sun can be very strong. In Central & Western Tibet there is small rains in June to August and specially the summer and autumn are dry.

Health & Altitude Problem :

Traveling in Tibet involves high altitude and can be strenuous. Clients with heart and lung problems or blood diseases should consult their doctor before booking the trip. Very rare cases of altitude sickness have been reported. Simple headache; fever, loss of appetite or stomach disorders can happen before the acclimatization. Some advice: drink approx. 3 liters of water per day, do not strain yourself, move slowly, breathe deeply and take regular rests.

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